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An Unexpectedly Epic and Exhausting 2019

At the risk of being one of those bloggers who disappears for a long time then reappears with a “sorry I’ve been a bit absent” blog, this is kind of one of those entries. I promise to try and not make it a regular thing, but since I like writing about goals and motivation on this blog, I think it’s worth mentioning.

When your motivation shifts…

I started my blogging journey in 2018 because I wanted to get back to writing and needed a creative outlet from a work situation that had left me frustrated and fairly bored. Blogging gave me something positive to focus on away from work and an opportunity to expand my creativity; inspired me with the possibilities and a chance to build a new community; and the new mental challenge was a welcome change.

Then, my role – along with 10 of my colleagues’ – was made redundant and my effort and focus went into getting a new job. While I ended up getting a job I really wanted and in an area I’ve been wanting to work in, the somewhat unexpected result was that this removed my original motivation for blogging. Add in to the life mix a home renovation, diminished fitness, and a small health issue that sapped some energy, and the reality is that my energy and focus has been elsewhere for the last few months.

Take stock and reevaluate.

I don’t believe that putting a goal down because of a change in circumstances is a bad thing, and there is no reason to beat yourself up if this has happened to you. A goal is desired outcome to something that is important to you. If it is no longer important because of a shift in circumstance, then don’t force yourself to do it. You are better off putting your energy elsewhere.

It is important to allow for and recognise a change in priorities. Life isn’t consistent, so identify where you are at and what is important. If your priorities shift again later and you still really want to achieve a particular goal, pick it back up. If what originally motivated you to do or achieve something is now gone, it is also perfectly reasonable to determine that you want to let it lie.

Another reason I like to take stock is because I’ve done some really amazing things and sometimes it is easy to lose sight of that. Reminding yourself what you have experienced is a good way to gain some perspective, and with a bit of perspective it can be easier to determine if you want to pick up a goal back up and why.

2019: A stock-take

This year has been fairly epic with some big changes and experiences!

  • I got married. We had an amazing wedding and honeymoon that was everything we could have hoped for (and thinking about it always makes me smile).
  • I had a six-week holiday (see above)
  • I went heli-skiing for the first time (#1 on my bucket list)
  • I changed jobs (after five years)
  • I changed my last name (though this is still ongoing – it is a lot harder than it sounds)
  • I cut 30 cm off my hair and donated it (something I’ve been planning for about 4 years)
  • We finally started (and have nearly completed) our big renovation project – we have renovated our kitchen, changed every window and window frame in the house, and are laying down new floors
  • I finally got to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

2020: Goal evaluation

Regaining my fitness – albeit slowly – is helping me regain some energy. And with more energy, I find I am once again more invested in my goals and curious about the world. Looking back at the changes and awesome experiences of 2019 has also made me realise what has stayed the same.

I still love to run, ski and travel. I still like to tell stories – I want to be a better storyteller and discover the world through stories. I still want to inspire others with my stories to run, ski, travel, and enjoy whatever fun adventures find them on the way to following their dreams and achieving their goals. It is for these reasons that I plan to pick the blogging goals back up.

In 2020, I hope to be more creative, be inspired, inspire others, and expand my community, and I hope you will join me.

5 thoughts on “An Unexpectedly Epic and Exhausting 2019”

  1. Thank you for your follow Ashley, You have had a tremendous year in 2019 with your wedding, house renovations and multiple experiences. It is always good to look inwardly to take stock and revaluate goals. Makes us better people for it. All the best in 2020! 😀


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