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Be Like Speedy (the Turtle)

My high school cross country team adopted an unofficial (and unlikely) mascot - a turtle. Not a real animal, just a fictional one we called "Speedy". The idea was a bit of ironic fun, but also a reminder that the slow and steady turtle beat the hare. In other words, play the long game and… Continue reading Be Like Speedy (the Turtle)

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An Unexpectedly Epic and Exhausting 2019

At the risk of being one of those bloggers who disappears for a long time then reappears with a "sorry I've been a bit absent" blog, this is kind of one of those entries. I promise to try and not make it a regular thing, but since I like writing about goals and motivation on… Continue reading An Unexpectedly Epic and Exhausting 2019

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McLaren Vale Running Festival 2019

My running has really not been going to plan this year, but it has had an unexpected result. McLaren Vale 5K I had hoped to be strong enough to attempt the Half Marathon this weekend in McLaren Vale, but my knee and ITB are still not up to the distance. Instead, I ran the 5K… Continue reading McLaren Vale Running Festival 2019

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Recovering from Injury: Take Two

Life's Curveballs One of the hard parts with setting goals and putting them out there to the world is recognising the need to stay flexible (and then actually staying flexible). The unexpected keeps life interesting, but it can also mean obstacles that require adjustments to your overall plan. After all, life is bound to throw… Continue reading Recovering from Injury: Take Two


Running Through Redundancy

Sometimes life throws challenges at you that you weren't expecting. It's during these times that I am most grateful for running and find it most important. Redundancy Recently, I was given the very unexpected news that my role, along with that of 10 of my colleagues, was being made redundant. While we knew some changes… Continue reading Running Through Redundancy


Recovering From My Running Injury

Don't Run I think one of the hardest things for any runner to do is not run. And, what do they generally tell you to do after a running injury? Rest. Relax. Don't run. Which is precisely what my physio told me to do a month ago after after I was forced to quit the… Continue reading Recovering From My Running Injury


Adelaide Marathon Festival Review

Despite my disappointing result, I had a really good time at the Adelaide Marathon Festival. It was a good course with a good atmosphere and only few areas for improvement. I wrote my review at travelashski.com. You can read my post here.